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“Robert is a consummate operations executive. He is a team player
who makes those around him better. His broad knowledge base and drive
to get things done made him a great asset at Know Yourself, where he got
us up and running smoothly and completed a complex fulfillment partner
migration under budget and on time.” 
Tim Howes, CEO, Know Yourself

“Robert is an amazing operation executive with incredible experiences running and growing many successful A-list companies in the past. As a startup, we faced many early stage operational challenges, and he was able to connect us to the right people, right service and made lots of intros to his amazing network of industry experts. He was hands on and easy to work with. I couldn’t imagine growing my company without him”.

Siqi Mou, Founder & CEO, Hello Ava

“Robert and I worked on some great operational improvements on my laundry delivery business and he served as my interim COO when I was started Luxer One. Robert is incredibly smart, capable and personable. He is focused on driving solutions and well respected by everyone that works for him and those that he works with. I look forward to our paths crossing again many times in the future.”

Arik Levy, Founder & CEO, Luxer One

“Robert has been advising Fuse Inventory for over a year. His guidance has been instrumental to the success and growth of our company. Not only has he made valuable customer introductions, but his input on the industry and guidance on the product has helped us tailor our solution to their needs. Because of Robert’s help, we’ve been able to bring on some top notch accounts like Glossier and MeUndies.”

Anna Tolmach, CEO, Fuse Inventory

“Robert has been extremely instrumental in helping launch our U.S. subsidiary and securing the right market, facility footprint and management team within the target budget and timeline. Robert has a great understanding of the big picture, while identifying operational details that helped differentiate our services from our competitors in a new market.”   

Steven Rymenans, COO, Bleckmann USA

“Given our product line and service, early on we needed to exceed service expectations in our direct to consumer business, but didn’t know where to start. Robert was referred to us as one of the top subscription service/online executives in the industry. Over the past year, Robert has served as a senior advisor/consultant on the team, guiding us as we build a new world business and service. Not only is Robert extremely knowledgeable and experienced, he ‘gets” the importance of wowing the customer and creating a memorial experience.”

Jessica Versteeg, CEO, Aubox and Paragon Coin
“I would recommend Robert Escobar to any business interested in increasing revenues and improving their overall performance.
Robert reviewed our web business, listened to our challenges and goals and worked within the confines of our resources to develop an online strategy that ultimately increased our sales by 50% over last year.
Additionally, after a careful review of our back-end processes, he outlined a plan for us that was realistic and timely.  Once implemented, we were able to streamline our procedures, improve our planning and reduce the number of fulfillment errors we previously averaged.”
Arianna Brooke, Co-founder, Millianna Jewelry